Sunday, September 13, 2009

Minor Update

Just a short update here. I have about half of the zoning code done, I have finished splicing together 9 separate 75x75 cell maps into one zone. The next step is rebuilding the map on the fly.

Yesterday I had an adapter that converts my IDE hard drive to SATA to be compatible with my current mother board die, as far as I can tell. It took me a good part of yesterday to fix my computer, as my master boot record for vista was on that hard drive (Vista was installed on a separate one, as I am dual booting). Fortunately all of my code is on this hard drive so I dodged a bullet there.

I also have spent a bit of time yesterday configuring py2exe to work on my system and did a very quick test build that runs my map generator, movement and fov code. If anyone is interested post a comment and I will put up a download. It has been tested on windows xp, vista 32 and vista 64. There isnt much attached to it so I will only upload via request for it.

I am also in process of reading a few Python books, just to familiarize myself a bit more with it, and get as comfortable as possible before getting entirely too deep and over my head. The next update will hopefully be going more in depth into my zoning system, with some code explaining how I did it.

Edit: I almost forgot, everyone welcome Alessandra Gonzales (Vester on DF forums) on board as the new writer!

Edit 2: Also welcome aboard one of my great personal friends Chris McAllister on board as a creative dev. He will be putting in ideas for story and helping me work out game mechanics.

Dev team so far:

Coding, Concept: Mark McKinley
Story Writer: Alessandra Gonzales
Creative Developer: Chris McAllister

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