Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beginning.

A few months back I decided to start a roguelike game written in Python. I wrote non-stop for almost a full month, and loved every moment of it, but I continually re-wrote the game. After a while I took a break from it right after the start of 3rd or 4th re-write, as other projects took over.

Recently however, I have gotten more and more interested into picking this game back up (mostly due to a buddy of mine creating a portfolio of game programming, reading some articles and books on AI, and watching a few tech videos) and decided to start a blog about the development of the game in hopes of keeping with it, and attracting possible fan interest.

In the very beginning stages of brainstorming and deving from an internet friend named Dan from New Zealand, we started to create a brand new world that was not based on any other previous worlds. This was mostly a creation of Dans, with ideas here and there from me for a basis of the overall story of the world. It was going quite well for the short time we both worked on it, with plenty of ideas flowing consistently, and very ambitious to say the least.

The plan is to create multiple story lines, specfic to each "race" that would all take place in the same time frame, at seperate parts of the world with major events in one story line showing up or affecting the other story lines. Only the ideas were solidified, and no hard story line aside from basic concepts were written.

About 3 weeks into the origional dev process, Dan had taken a vactation to Australia for 2 weeks, and I sat around coding the game, less and less every day because of me getting upset over the constant re-writes and bugs that I couldnt figure out. Just before I started the last re-write, my buddy that I previously mentioned, gave me a great idea on how to structure the game so that I would not have to spend as much time re-writing the game, and to make it cleaner, easier to add new stuff, and an overall more intelligent way of doing it. I started doing it in the way he suggested and that is where I stopped.

At this point I had a basic layout of the game screen, basic character classes, movement control and a very early map generator (which happens to be my favorite peice of code I have written to date). Most, if not all of this stuff can be easily re used time and time again, which makes the re-writes a bit easier.

So now, here I am about to pick this project up again, quite excited about it once more. I will be writing my progress, thoughts, updates, ideas and possibly snippets of code during this dev process. This will also be a continual learning process, as I am still relativly new to programming in general, but hopefully it will also help people that are in the same boat as I am. I hope you all enjoy this (as it was named by a friend) Progressively up to date singular chat medium, or PUTDSCM (which is what I now refer to this blog as).

Here is a screen shot of my work before I stopped working on it.

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