Thursday, August 5, 2010

Im back!

Sorry for what appears to be a very long hiatus, I have been without internet since last October and its a long and boring story. The good news is Im back, and have some news, and a couple of screenies!

I have been working on this game steadily, bit by bit for quite some time now, and got quite far into doing alot of different things. After a while I ran into performance issues with pure Python code and had to resort to writing a few extension modules in C++. One is basicly a graphics engine and c++ wrapper around libtcod, that handles all drawing functions which ended up giving me a massive boost to performans, in the range of 10x. This also had the unfortunate side effect of breaking 95% of my code at the time. So I have been spending a bit of time converting my game over to using my new graphics engine, along with constantly adding and updating the engine its self but has been going very steadily. Most of previous features have been reimplemented, along with some new ones. Creatures and items are now displayed, along with floor tiles in the FoV (see screen).

All status bars now use sub-cell res for added precision which looks really nice. Also not shown in the screen is multiple screen size dungeons with edge scrolling ToME style, along with a cavern generator prototype based on cellular automata. I also added a fog of war map which looks very nice. Basic path finding code has been added to monsters. At the moment they follow the player and wander around randomly. The follow code needs to have the monsters surround the player. All entities now have a movement and attack speed based on time.

There has been quite a bit of work done, and the majority of the game is done being converted over, with the exception of player inventory and picking up stuff. After I iron out a few quick kinks with some code Ill add a few more screenshots. But its really late and I dont feel like babbling anymore and I will post another update soon.

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