Friday, October 9, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates as my buddy Art so kindly pointed out. So I figured Id just post something quick.

Ive been having constant computer problems ever since that initial hard drive failure, which I think is now related to my PSU, and me drawing too much juice. And I have been working on writing a pygame engine that I may use for this. I have also been reading a few programming books as well, so all in all I have been relatively busy. But no worries, I am not abandoning this project. ;)

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  1. Grish, SCTFL15 starts in a few days, we're really short on our roster. Are you going to be around at all? Regret dissapeared and we're fucked if we lose you guys and have to start over. :(

    - your bff tyrant

    p.s. good luck with your game ._.